Feature walls

Feature walls provide a face lift to the most important rooms of your home, resulting in a new and exciting atmosphere. These eye-catching elements will also increase the value of your home by accentuating the best rooms of your living space.

Also known as accent walls, feature walls are the walls that break up the regular pattern by having a unique effect and statement in your space, becoming the focal point. This is especially useful in spaces in which the walls are of the same material or colour. Feature walls add a decorative element and are useful in drawing the attention of any guests that walk into your space.


We offer a wide variety of brick styles, colours and patterns, transforming an ordinary wall to an extraordinary feature wall. Our selection of brick veneers are designed to mimic an old European texture and style, adding the character that regular plain walls fail to create.

Marble, Granite & PORCELAIN SLABS

A feature wall can be as simple as installing one of our natural stone or porcelain slabs. Incorporating natural stone as an accent wall in your home most popularly used for fireplace walls, kitchen backsplashes and bedroom feature walls; all great ways to bring warmth and beauty to the interior of your living space.


Our wood accent walls have the ability to change the entire vibe of your room while also complimenting the necessary elements associated with modern design. Our distressed wood or barn board options will enable you to achieve that rustic, chic look you’ve been wanting for years.

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