Carpentry & Flooring

With hundreds of projects behind our belt, we understand the importance of finished carpentry. This is where your entire project comes together, bringing your newly renovated area to life. Each and every one of our carpenters at onlyRENOS is responsible for their area of expertise. The unique skillset in which each of our carpenters possess is makes them true craftsmen and sets us apart from our competition.

Carpentry and flooring are the first two things guests see when they walk into a room: the hardwood flooring, baseboards, casings, columns, crown moldings; the list goes on. We tailor each and every finishing touch to match your homes structure – from the size of your baseboards to the style of your crown molding.

Our team of floor installation specialists have decades of experience laying all types of floors, Picking the correct flooring for your space has a massive impact on the end look of your finished renovation. Flooring has the ability to give a very complete and finished feel as it ties several rooms together, creating a more unison design throughout.  Having put a lot of effort and money into renovating your home, let us help you maximize your dollar spend by providing you with the appropriate finishing touches.

Our Recent Projects